Our Coaches

Lisa Rheam, Program Director

Lisa is a wife, mother of 3 grown daughters and now a grandmother. She has been involved in cheerleading since her high school years but took on an active head coaching role in 2005 when her own daughter’s high school team needed a coach. She helped build strong cheerleading programs at Oceanview (formerly Midway) and Calvary Christian Academy. In 2013, she felt called to begin an FCC impact team through her local church. Pastor Chuck and CenterPointe Church were in full support of this new ministry. Lisa directs this program with the desire to help girls and young women discover the truth about their own value and to help them view challenges in their lives as an opportunity for growth. She prays for each cheerleader to find the hope, love & joy of a Christ-centered life.

Lynsie Pecina, Coach

Lynsie has 9 years of cheerleading experience. After cheering and leading cheer clinics for 4 years in high school, she began coaching in 2011. She quickly began to form a strong bond and have a positive influence with the girls on her teams. She received the 2019 FCC Legacy award for investing her time and talents to raise up the next generation of cheerleaders. Lynsie has coached both level 1 & 2 and is beginning her 8th season as a CenterPointe Panthers Coach. She has been instrumental in the growth of the program.

Rosella Marquez, Coach

Rosella comes to us with a background in cheerleading of 15 years. Her coaching experience ranges from elementary age all the way through high school. She first fell in love with FCC when she attended cheer camp as a coach in 2009. Rosella was part of the planning and launch of CenterPointe Panthers Cheer. She genuinely cares about each individual cheerleader and patiently teaches them to improve their skills and to always give their best.  

Wyteria Woods, Coach

Wyteria passed on her love of cheerleading to her daughter Kaylee who has cheered for the CenterPointe Panthers since 2016. She has an eye for detail and is able to spot the corrections needed to help our teams score higher in competition. She is a dedicated coach and a good example of hard work and commitment. We are so thankful that she said yes to coaching for Panthers cheer.

Anne Mueller, Coach

Annie is beginning her 5th season coaching Panthers Cheer. She first began coaching with us when her daughter, Madelyn joined Panthers Cheer. Annie saw a need and stepped up to fill it. She comes to us with a background in dance and uses her gifts to help our girls perfect timing and strive to be clean and sharp. Annie recognizes potential and was the inspiration behind our first cheer floor purchase.

Liandra Rheam, Coach

Liandra coached our very first Petite Panthers (ages 2-4) team in season one. A 10+ year brain tumor survivor, Liandra sets an example of hope and perseverance. She loves being not only a coach but a mentor to our girls.

Shaun Eisenthal, Coach

Shaun has been involved with cheerleading for 25 years. He is a 12 time national champion and was a ten year head instructor for JAMZ. He has coached every level of cheer from elementary to college. He most recently helped start the cheer program at Cal State San Marcos. We hope to benefit from his expertise in stunting once covid restrictions lift. It is refreshing to see his encouraging style of coaching!

Bella Ventura, Kailoni Woods, Kaylee Woods, Coaches Assistants

We are excited that these young ladies have decided to give back by investing their time to help the next generation of Panthers Cheerleaders to succeed.

Leticia Ventura, Admin Assistant

We are so blessed to have Lety as a part of this Ministry. She became involved in 2019 when her daughter Ava joined. She jumped right in to help make our team events special, from team dinners to our end of season banquet, Lety loves to use her gifts to serve others. What started out as something new for her daughter Ava, has turned into a family affair and her whole family is now involved serving Panthers Cheer in any area where we have a need.

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